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List of Participants and Schedule

Here's a list of the participants of the LCC4 Relay. Click on either the number or the word "Text" to view a particular text. If a language's name is highlighted, click on it to go to an external link of that language's website. The reception and send dates should be fairly self-explanatory.

# Participant Language Reception Date Send Date Link to Text
1 David Peterson Dothraki N/A April 4th Text
2 Philip Newton Engadinese April 4th April 6th Text
3 Carsten Becker Ayeri April 6th April 7th Text
4 Jan Strasser Tmaśareʔ April 7th April 9th Text
5 Max Dominik Weber Batu April 9th April 12th Text
6 Mechthild Czapp Rejistanian April 12th April 17th Text
7 Lars Finsen Suraetua April 17th April 17th Text
8 Chrys Jordan Ŧuàn April 17th April 18th Text
9 Njenfalgar Treoygeum April 18th April 20th Text
10 Kaleissin Taruven April 20th April 21st Text
11 Jim Henry gjâ-zym-byn April 21st April 23rd Text
12 Tam Blaxter Proto-Coastal-Western April 23rd April 26th Text
13 Andrej Šuc Laefêvëši April 26th April 28th Text
14 Sylvia Sotomayor Kēlen April 28th April 30th Text
15 Sven Huynink Æleńa April 30th May 1st Text
16 David Edwards Feayran May 1st May 3rd Text
17 David Peterson Dothraki May 3rd N/A Text

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