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Since now everyone is on the web, I figure I'd spread some love.

  • Erin's Engagements: My wife Erin is a freelance wedding coordinator. This is her site. She's the best at everything!

  • Kēlen Word of the Day: My friend Sylvia has started a blog in which she reveals and discusses a new word from her language Kēlen everyday. That means by this time next year, I'll know 365 more words of Kēlen. Hooray!

  • Fireblind.com: My good friend Jake's blog. It's insightful and incendiary. I recommend it.

  • Rob Sato: Rob's a friend of mine whose artwork inspired me to stop eating. (Well, not really. But to see what I mean, go here.)

  • Will's Blog: My friend and enemy, Will McPherson, keeps a blog in which he records some of the strangest and most incredible things he comes across in his literary adventures. If you dare to follow, you best be prepared.

  • PROMIS: This is the band of a friend of mine from Berkeley, Thomas Nosewicz. It's good stuff.

  • My Fullerton College Home Page: In my other life, I teach English at Fullerton College. If you want to see what that's about, be my guest.

  • The War Against Spam: Adding a link to this site will, apparently, aid in the destruction of spam, so here's a link. If you want to find out the details, you can actually follow the link and see what it's all about. I think it's a good cause.

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