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One unavoidable facet of websurfing is the style in which one views a webpage. Even no style at all is a style; there's no escaping it.

One thing I've always liked is to play with colors and color combinations. Some of my favorite visual...compositions (I don't know what you call them; they're not exactly art), in fact, are logos. I love logos. For the most part, they're usually stylized—not totally realistic—and the colors are worked together into a scheme of some kind. That's kind of what I was trying to do with this site.

Anyway, sometimes the colors I come up with are not ideal for the casual browser, and I realize that. So, something I've implemented is the ability to switch between the site-wide styles on my website. I've included a style for each one of my languages, and several other styles. These styles are listed below. Click on any one, and the style will change. Provided you allow for JavaScript and cookies, the style will remain constant throughout my site.

Without further ado, here they are (below this list are some sample items so you can get a feel for how each style will look):

The Fantastic World of Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About

Ever wondered why things are things? I know I have. And I probably would've gone to my grave ignorant of the nature of things until I found a simple four-step program to knowing why things are things. This is that four-step program:

  1. Maximize your maximization.
  2. Always facilitate; never defiliate.
  3. Listen to where the paradigms grow.
  4. Maximize your maximization again.

And that's all there is to it!

To illustrate this in tabular form, please experience the following:

Function/Foundation Idealation Creatigation Investimation Expandoration
Prioritize? Yes! A must! A definite must! No doubt!
Stiltify? No! Never! Absolutely not! Only if you have to!
Number Crunch 3.2% 49.57% 1,323.84% ~5%-67%
The Bottom Line Buy! Sell! Castigate! Buy!

The Moral of Our Storiation

If you can exactify this proceduratization, you'll be rocketing to the top of the corporate space elevator before you or anyone you know can blink the alphabet seven times backwards. The question is: Do you wantify it? And are you maximizationing that wantification?

Time is our biggest client's accountant's lunch hour! What will YOU order?!

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