Stuff I've Written

Every so often, for one reason or another, I write something. Since stuff I write tends to appear all over the place (or nowhere at all), I thought I'd collect all the links and files here. Feel free to browse around.

  • Articles for Speculative Grammarian: Since 2007, I've written over a dozen articles for the online linguistic humor magazine Speculative Grammarian. I'm currently one of the consulting editors, and I continue to write articles from time to time. (Note: This is a link to the P section of the author index. Scroll down a bit for my articles.)

  • "How to create a new language": This is an article from written by Robert Hanks (I kind of gave him the content and he wrote it up). I wrote a companion piece that expands on the article here.

  • My LiveJournal: I'm keeping a blog now. A real one. So be it.

  • [PDF] My COMPs Paper (a.k.a. Master's Thesis): This is the COMPs paper I wrote to get my MA from UCSD. I'm not particularly proud of the paper itself, but I did seem to hit on some sort of interesting phenomenon (the fact that the "a" in "ban" and the "a" in "bad" are actually quite different in Southern Californian English). The data's good, and something might be made of it. If you're interested in working with my data, send me an e-mail (see the contact section), and I'll send it your way.

  • [PDF] Déjà Vu: In twelfth grade, for AP English, we had to write some sort of something (it could be whatever we wanted) that combined two or more of the novels/pieces we'd read up to that point. I wrote this. It's a performance piece combining Frankenstein, The Iliad, and Hamlet. I latched onto the fate of three characters in particular: Justine, Astyanax, and Ophelia. Is it good? No. Is it pretentious and unbelievably silly? My, oh, my, yes. If that appeals to you, you can give this a read. The "Explanation" at the end is especially priceless. (I should note that the novel I wrote ended up just being called Epic. I guess I should put that up here, too.)

  • [PDF] Morphology Problems: When I was a TA for LIGN 120 down at UCSD in 2004 (Morphology), I came up with a set of practice morphology problems for the midterm. As they might be useful to others, I've included them here. For solutions, click here (it's a webpage, not a .pdf). Please note that the problems feature four of the languages I created (Zhyler, Gweydr, Njaama, and Kamakawi), so if you wanted a data set with natural languages, don't use these.

  • Review of Chronicle in Stone by Ismail Kadare: I began reviewing books for in 2007. This was my first review. (For the review that can be found on my site, click here.)

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