...is the best way to get a hold of me. Honestly, now that I've got an iPhone, I'm never out of reach (unless I want to be). Feel free to contact me about any little thing—especially them type-o's I keep nto typyping. To e-mail me, use the following e-mail address: . I've got others, but using this one will let me know that you're coming from my site (most likely). It's 21st century bookkeeping at its finest.

If you're using some sort of other program and are looking to get a hold of me, you can also find me below:

And if you're looking for me on an instant messaging program (like Skype or AIM), look for screennames like Dedalvs, DigitalScream (named after the Queensrÿche song) or ProfDPeterson (though on IRC I'm DavidJPeterson). If you're googling me, you better stick with the "J" (for the time being).

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