To quote another page on this site: "With Epiq, I will have closed out that which I hoped to accomplish by creating speakable languages." When I wrote that, it was true, and it remains true. X is a purely pictographic language. Indeed, it's my dream come true: 100% orthography, 0% noise: A totally silent language that can only be written.

X gets its name from the one and only kluge in the language: The genitive particle which is an X with a circle around it. What does an X inside a circle have to do with the notion of possession? Nothing. If you're going to have a kluge, though, it might as well be in lights.

X is a trigger language, somewhat influenced by Tagalog ("somewhat", because the notion of a trigger language doesn't apply to natural languages, since trigger languages, as they're described here, don't exist naturally). The glyphs themselves are Egyptian-style, in that they go left to right and use determinatives, but the similarity ends there (except, of course, for the style of the glyphs themselves).

This page will not be updated as frequently as my other language pages, as all examples will have to be image files, the compilation of which will take a lot of time. Nevertheless, check back every now and then just to see what's going down. I'll make it worth your while. Wink! For example, there's now a link to something descriptive on this page. Huzzah!

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