Gweydr is the second language I ever invented. In truth, though, the language that sits on this webpage is nothing like that language. It does have the same name, and the same orthography, but everything else is completely different. Slightly.

The New Gweydr® is still a vowel harmony language, only this time the vowel harmony is reasonably believable. It features both a Finno-Ugric-style vowel harmony system, as well as an [ATR] vowel harmony system. Gweydr has two unique scripts—one, a modern-style alphabetic script, the other a form of writing found on stone walls, not too unlike Mayan epigraphs. Gweydr is also the first language I ever designed utilizing the principles suggested by Word and Paradigm Morphology. (I say "suggested", because they obviously didn't create this formal morphological theory to help language creators create more realistic languages. Nevertheless, it works!) The astute observor might also note a passing resemblance to Zhyler in Gweydr. I'll neither confirm nor deny this resemblance, for the time being.

With that said, what I have of Gweydr you'll find below. The syntax is coming slowly. I've decided that that's a good thing. (Let's see if I can get away with that one...)

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