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15. Æleńa by Sven Huynink

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Cuettí tua cansi

Ti-ğe'stôr semossa yccoughbe hvin rerzin índaln roen áiğ ŕygan augğin ğil. Bærnse yesw ay hao cans óceilaydhbe ceic.

Yesse “Derz si ta daiğs, enx si ta male loerr men; yesisay mao sáinboфigaŕmeś.”

’Ti cluinit ćen hvins eti zvaraydhbe:

“Tó enx egi ta male loerr men?

“Tó miin zì ta dégğ sáinboфigaŕai? Tani, tod!

“Nì tane yeses tre geiren asse annin egi! Æls tans toili!” Aunx yesse cans “Tani yesei annen si yte tre geiren.”

Yesse hvins ayğф “Bayesæ ayğge!”

Coicossa yesse “Tani yesei stamai “hvaz si ’ti setig egi”; tó dynes si?”

“Dynes egi asìn” – scian hi gǽrws irra sexins xanśe recice.

Twllseh sciф ’ti eiђerseh cri fi áynte dwrèn augğin ğil Indossa scannith etyre cans yesws éin augğeu “Tó asìn?”

  Smooth English

A Story About a Hare

Once upon a time a beautiful woman came along a road to the source of a wild river. A hare that was hiding there decided to speak to her.

He said: “Your beauty is like a dance, your eye is like a small moon; please say to me that we will marry.”

And the woman heard that and laughed “my eye is like a small moon?

“Your wish is to marry me? Yes, sure!

“But you cannot say the three words of my name! If you can I will!”

The hare then said “I can say your name in three words” The woman said to him “You must say it to me!”

Then he said “ ‘Your husband and my wife’ I can say we are; what is your reply?”

“My reply is this”: her knife cut several times through the skin of the hare.

She swiftly made a hole and then threw his body in the water of the wild river.

(But) when she was finished still the hare continued to say from the river “This?”

The end.


Grammar and Lexicon

PDF Download of the Grammar and Lexicon

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