I have some rather fascinating news to report. Apparently, the band whose name was Zhyler has broken up, and (some of?) the members have formed a new band called Awaken (necesita poder leer en español pá leer esto). This means that my Zhyler is now the only Zhyler on the net. Woo hoo! Finally I have something to put on my résumé...!

At any rate, Zhyler is a language I created because I really liked Turkish, but couldn't (at the time) find any TY resources on it (this seems to be a recurring theme with my languages...). Zhyler is an SOV language with fifty-seven noun cases (in honor of the ketchup co.), all suffixing, and a robust vowel harmony system. In addition, there are seventeen noun classes, à la Swahili, which do much of the derivational footwork. That said, feel free to browse around. Of all the languages I've created, this is probably my favorite (don't tell the others!).

Fight Linguistic Extinction: Invent a Language!

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