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[Note: This entire website is essentially a legacy website at this point. For a mostly stable web presence, you can go to artoflanguageinvention.com. This is the website I created in 2002 and it's been left mostly intact. If things on the site are outdated, I generally won't update them, unless they're now factually inaccurate. If something on the site doesn't work, I'll try to fix it, but it won't be a priority. I leave it up solely for historical purposes. Thanks for visiting! -David (10/25/2023)]

That said, I'm a Berkeley alumnus. I majored in English and Linguistics. After Berkeley, I went to UC San Diego, where I received my M.A. in Linguistics. I'm a former adjunct professor of English at Fullerton College, and am happily living behind the Orange Curtain.

More about me: I enjoy listening to music. I like reading. Every so often, I create languages. I write, too. And play music. And basketball. And watch it. And other sports.

I also use a Mac. I very use a Mac (try to make sense of that one, Chomsky!). If I pass a PC on the street, I give it not a glance.

For more information on language creation, you can go to my links section. It came highly recommended. As for me, I create languages for fun. I care not for invented cultures (but, oddly enough, at times I pretend to), and they care not for me (and they don't bother pretending). The same goes for Indo-European languages. Ick!

Been awhile since I updated this page, so let me also add that I created the Dothraki language for HBO's Game of Thrones. It was a lot of fun, and I'd like to share more about the language when I'm able to do so (and if you're reading this sentence, it means that time has not yet come).

(P.S.: Since this page is about me, let me tell you a little bit more about me. When people say stuff, I tend to listen. For example, more than a few people have complained about being unable to read certain pages because of the color contrast. Me, I like the color schemes [them's my fun], but I can sympathize with those that like things to read easy. As a result, I implemented the alternate black and white color scheme to make it easier on those folks. The moral? If you like/dislike something, let me know! I'm lazy, and only tend to update what I'm interested in. If you see something you'd like to see updated or expanded, let me know, and I'll get right on it!)

Hey, check out this cool, funky, hokey, worthless, awesome thing! It only goes back to August 21, 2010 (the day I installed it), so it fails to list that one visitor from Bahrain I had... Oh well. Maybe someday someone new from Bahrain will happen across this site, and I will feel joy again.

Update: Once I realized (some time in mid-February of 2011) that I needed to put this code on all my pages (not just this one), I got what I had been coveting: Another Bahraini visitor! Hooray! ~:D Whoever it was visited on March 1st, and so, yet again, I shall feel joy.

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