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The corpus now contains 399 sentences.


The Kamakawi lexicon and corpus is a semi-interactive corpus of sentences in Kamakawi along with their English translations. The way it works is that I type in a Kamakawi sentence and type in its English translation. At that point, the sentences are stored, and each word becomes a link, such that if you click on the link, you'll find every sentence that word appears in. Pretty neat, huh?

As Kamakawi does not have a lot of cases, looking up words in the Kamakawi section should be mercifully easy! Just look out for the passive versions of active verbs (hint: they end in -'u).

I would like to take this time to note that I spent hours getting the database to recognize the apostrophe (the glottal stop, in Kamakawi) as a character, and not as either a punctuation mark, or a piece of code. Hours. I sincerely hope you take advantage of this, and look up some word that has a glottal stop in it. That would make my day.

As a quick note, I'd like to thank Gary Shannon for providing the source code this page runs on. It came from the site Gary created for the Kalusa language, which was a truly astonishing project that sadly has gone the way of the dodo. For more information, go here.

With that, I'll leave you to your perusing. May you hug your fish well!

Some Recent Additions to the Corpus

Kamakawi English Date Added
Ku hemata uei iu kuaki ae iolui kau. We spotted the ducks in the pond. 07/28/11
Au neyana fuila ti'i: u paki iu pewo tou. Birds are better than me: They can build nests. 05/09/11
A mata ei ie kavaka te mopa tou... I can see the writing on the wall... 04/22/11
Ka hava ei i uvo. I've eaten swordfish. 04/05/11
A nemile kuaki oi'i. My duck is dead. 02/15/11
Tikili i ia! Congratulations! 12/30/10
Kiko i kive! Today is Saturday! 12/04/10
I mopa neu ipe kapoloi. There's a wall behind that little tree. 11/16/10
Havava tapela oi'i iu hate. My older sibling likes onions. 11/16/10
Havava tapela oi'i iu hate. My older sister likes onions. 11/16/10
Havava tapela oi'i iu hate. My older brother likes onions. 11/16/10
Iape! E mata ie meka palaki li'i e iwiala'ala ti hetu! You there! Behold my dog statue and tremble in fear! 10/21/10
A eli ei i iko kaneko! I love this cat! 09/25/10
A kiwi iko nuali ima! This melon is really juicy! 09/14/10
Tupa kaneko oi'i i ika ae ea. My cat should really bathe herself. 09/04/10
Ai mawata ia ai? Are you blind? 08/12/10
A katava ipe nake... That's a tall cliff... 08/06/10
Kiko i ki elea! Today is a happy day! 07/04/10
Wela! Thanks! 06/30/10
Awela! Thanks! 06/30/10
Awela! Thank you! 06/30/10
Opa hie! Keep digging! 06/22/10
Nemilele ia i ipe opu! Kill that flea! 06/22/10
A katava noko oi'i! My grandfather's tall! 06/19/10
Ai male hava ia ie ipe naka ai? Are you going to eat that carrot? 05/12/10
E kuiki nukoa hie. The meat is still pink. 04/18/10
He hava uei i heli! Let's eat strawberries! 04/05/10
Au tei iaka eyana! You two dance well! 03/11/10
A po ei ie pale pokau mata'u ti eya kipe. I'm outside the house we saw yesterday. 02/28/10
Au mupo hu'e. Geraniums are useless. 02/28/10
He! Ipe ie eka li'i! Hey! That's my hat! 02/28/10
Ka hava pi ie nawa. The pelican ate the fish. 02/28/10
Ka mata ei ie pelane oi'i pe; ae nikula nea ae. I saw my sister-in-law there; she's doing well. 02/28/10
Neiwele ia ie pa ti lelea. Fill the bowl up with water. 02/28/10
Awei! Fome ei! Alas! I'm short! 02/25/10
A meme meli oi ia. Your grandchild is dirty. 02/25/10
He'ea ia ie none oi ia! Listen to your grandmother! 02/25/10
A nu'e ia ie ipe itava fei! Pick up that banana peel! 02/25/10
A hetu ei ie pika oku. I don't fear thunder. 02/25/10
A hetu ei ie pika oku. I'm not afraid of thunder. 02/25/10

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