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Sentences using the English word "that".

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Kamakawi English Date Added
Ipe hopoko i miwimi. That man is a lunatic. 05/30/06
Ipe eine i newelimile. That woman is an actress. 05/30/06
Eilili ipe pale. That house is yellow. 05/30/06
Ipe nawa ioku nawanaka. That fish is not a goldfish. 05/30/06
Kavakava ipe tiki. That lava is hot. 05/30/06
A meyeli ipe leya. That rock is mossy. 03/22/07
A ikaka iko ikavaka ie ipe. This book is different from that one. 03/22/07
Ti kopu ka hava ei i nawa. It was with my hands that I ate a fish. 03/19/08
A fe'a ei ie peti poipe peka. I know that country's king. 07/09/08
Ka liwi ipe le'o ie katativa li'i poiu! That egret stole my bacon! 07/23/08
A tikili ipe nawa. That fish is orange. 08/06/08
A mata ia i ipe ou! Look at that hawk! 08/12/08
A hale ei i amo, ae elea nea. I believe that she is happy. 02/20/09
Mata ia i ipe inivie! Look at that star! 05/25/09
A kavi ipe luku. That circle is big. 12/29/09
A hala'i ipe uotava. That volcano is active. 01/08/10
Ka liwi ipe hiaka ie o'opo li'i poiu! That octopus stole my coconut! 01/15/10
A apae ipe ielou! That whale is shooting water out of its blowhole! 02/23/10
A fupo ipe iluku... That ball is old... 02/23/10
A nu'e ia ie ipe itava fei! Pick up that banana peel! 02/25/10
Ai male hava ia ie ipe naka ai? Are you going to eat that carrot? 05/12/10
Nemilele ia i ipe opu! Kill that flea! 06/22/10
I mopa neu ipe kapoloi. There's a wall behind that little tree. 11/16/10

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