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Kamakawi English Date Added
A mama ei i nawa. I hug a fish. 05/30/06
A mama kaneko i tiviki. The cat hugs a rat. 05/30/06
A ha'a fupo'o. The old man laughs. 05/30/06
A fe'ave'a ei. I'm wise. 05/30/06
A ale ei ie apule a. I'm going to the store. 05/30/06
A ei i kaneko. I am a cat. 05/30/06
A tikili mokomoko. The starfish is orange. 05/30/06
Oyo ei a. I'm whining. 05/30/06
A mata ei i naka! I see a carrot! 05/30/06
A heva keva. The shark is gray. 05/30/06
A hava ei i o'opo a! I'm eating a coconut! 05/30/06
A a'i uomo. The moon is white. 05/30/06
A mata ei iu inivie. I see the stars. 05/30/06
A eli eine poke mama i nawa i'i. The woman who hugged a fish loves me. 06/01/06
A eli eine poke mama'u ti nawa i'i. The woman who was hugged by a fish loves me. 06/01/06
A mama eine i nawa i'i. The woman hugged a fish for me. 06/01/06
A noala ei a. I'm singing. 06/02/06
A kupe lia. The girl is young. 06/12/06
A kelea kenipi. The gecko is sad. 06/12/06
A kavakava ta! The sand is hot! 06/12/06
A takemi nea. She's carefree. 06/12/06
A poneke ei i ia. I trust you. 06/12/06
A pone lea. He is trustworthy. 06/12/06
A mata ei i pewo! I see a nest! 06/12/06
A mata ei i pi! I see a pelican! 06/12/06
A mata ei i penute! I see a tower! 06/12/06
A a'i temi. The bone is white. 06/20/06
A fila leya. The stone is heavy. 06/20/06
A a'i ke. The tooth is white. 06/20/06
A tiki hu'u. The heart is red. 06/20/06
A uli opu. The louse is small. 06/20/06
A falele leveya. The sea is green. 06/20/06
A nepi kane. The road is narrow. 06/22/06
A tuki mali. The child is thin. 06/22/06
A kavi palaki. The dog is big. 06/22/06

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