Kamakawi Relay Texts

Every so often, members on the CONLANG listserv (past and present) hold a grand translation relay. It's essentially like a big game of telephone (cf. purple monkey dishwasher), only instead of one person saying a set phrase to another in English, each relay participant translates a text from someone else's conlang into their own, and then passes that on (go here for a more detailed description of the rules). It's great fun. And, as I'm an appreciator of fun, I've taken part in several conlang relays. Kamakawi has participated in three relays and at very least held its own, I believe. I'd very much like to become more proficient in Kamakawi, though, so I could feel comfortable using it in any relay, no matter the circumstances. Here is a list of the relays Kamakawi has appeared in:

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