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17. Kamakawi by David Peterson

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"Ikeve'a Timali"

I keve'ave'a, ka kupi ei foe leveya,
Feya nemile; ono levea i'i,
Kae eleale'u ei ke pote'u tiu feya.

Ke oloko ti'i kana u feya poku na'u ie
Nimile; ka kopu'u uamo i'i oiku fanevane i'i,
Ku upile i'i heva, kae na'u i eleumi.
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"A Child's Story"

Once upon a time, I was sitting by the sea,
The dying waves; the salt water above me,
It made me happy that the waves didn't fight me.

I dreamt of myself near the waves that were far away from
Dying; I felt them as they massaged me,
And floated me away, and I was far away from everything.


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