Postcards from Kamakawi Land

Visiting? Want to let someone know where you've been? Just want to post something on a MySpace page? Look no further! Below you'll find some postcards with messages written in Kamakawi (and translated into English). Browse through the thumbnails below and feel free to copy and paste. For each image, there is a small (300 px x 200 px) and large (600 px x 400 px) variant. If you click on either link, it'll take you to a page that contains code that you can copy and paste into messages, comments, blogs, webpages, etc.

Happy posting!

Postcard Thumbnails

Thumbnail of a nene postcard.
Small | Large
Thumbnail of a swimming honu postcard.
Small | Large
Thumbnail of a napping honu postcard.
Small | Large
Thumbnail of a stretching seal postcard.
Small | Large
Thumbnail of a gecko licking his eye.
Small | Large
Thumbnail of a gecko being held captive.
Small | Large
Thumbnail of a shy eel.
Small | Large
Thumbnail of two chatty seagulls.
Small | Large

[Note: All the photos used in these postcards are either originals, or are used under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license. Where applicable, the original artist is credited.]

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