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Sentences using the Kamakawi word ale.

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Kamakawi English Date Added
A ale ei ie apule a. I'm going to the store. 05/30/06
Ale ei ie pale. I'm going home. 05/30/06
Ka ale ei ie pale ke hava i tava. I went home and ate a banana. 11/09/06
Ka olomo uei ale kane nepi. We walked along a narrow road. 03/22/07
Ka ale ei pokane katava kawau. I avoided the falling palm tree. 03/24/07
Ka olomo ei ale ava ke mata i alama. I walked along the beach and saw a sand crab. 04/03/07
Ka olomo uei ale kane. We walked along the path. 04/05/07
A eteke kamakawi ale lave kuika. The rainbow means it has stopped raining. 04/13/09
Kani hava ei, ke ale ie apule. Before I ate, I went to the store. 05/16/09
Ata hava ei, e ale ie apule. After I eat, I'm going to the store. 05/16/09
Kau ale kuaki ko! The ducks have arrived! 02/02/10

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