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Sathir is a language spoken by blowhards, to put it unfairly. And one thing blowhards like to do is to come up with little pearls of wisdom, and to discuss what they mean, and how they can be applied to the dreadful state of our nation's youth. Consequently, Sathir has quite a number of izanyožá, which translates to something like "little understandings" (boy, that phrase is one "mis-" away from a whole slew of unmentionable implicatures). And, not unlike Big Benny F's Poor Richard's Almanack, these various sayings have been collected and numbered, that they may be more carefully studied, dissected, discussed, and otherwise destroyed.

Herein, you shall find all the numbered izanyožá that have been discovered. As more are discovered, they will also be made available. The plan right now is to have the following for each izanyoža (note the difference between the singular and plural, for you grammar enthusiasts):

  1. The number of the izanyoža.
  2. A little picture which illustrates the basic theme.
  3. The saying itself in Sathir's orthography.
  4. A romanization of the saying.
  5. A translation into English.
  6. A brief discussion regarding the meaning of the izanyoža.
  7. A fun vocabulary list for a responsible dosage of added fun.

To start browsing, go ahead and click on one of the links below. You can view the izanyožá in order, or you can just look at them randomly. Ball's in your court. Dribble away. (Tennis players dribble, right?) Additionally, here's a list of the izanyožá that have been webified so far:

The Great Table of Sathir Izanyožá!

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