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I used the following word list to create the Kelenala creole. I gave each word below a general definition; they're not set in stone. What's more, the Kelenala word for some of these words is not the same as its sister word here. However, having this list you can see how meanings changed (or, at least, you could if you had a dictionary, like I do). Also, many of these words are not basic words, but just words I wanted to have basic terms for. Artist's license.

Since last you saw this list, a change has occurred. (If this is the first time you've seen this list, then the preceding may not be accurate.) The change is this: I added one word to the basic set. This raises the total number of words from 365 to 366. So a leap year, not a year. Why did I do this? Was it to add a word for "foot", which is inexplicably absent? No, I kept my compound form of foot. No, only one thing could cause me to change the rules mid-experiment, and that one thing is this: Kelenala lacked a basic word for "chocolate". A sin! Unforgivable! I refuse to use "brown candy", or "brown milk food" for chocolate. No way. I couldn't have a basic word for "tofu" and not for "chocolate". I had to add a real, basic word. It couldn't be helped. So, now it's there. I hope you can forgive me for both the oversight and the rule bending. My apologies if you can't.

Below you'll find a handy "jump to" list, so you can access the words by category, and won't have to scroll through the whole behemoth. You can thank me monetarily.

Abstracts Emotion Words Prepositions
Actions Experience-Related Pronouns
Animals! Expressions Quantitative Terms
Body Parts Food! Substances
Color Terms Humans Temporal Words
Demonstratives Motion Words Vegetation
Descriptive Nouns Related to Health WH-Words
Directionals Numbers Words for Naturally Occurring Phenomena

Expressions Back to the Top
Yes aywa
No o
Maybe u
Please ni
Thank you hela
You’re welcome heya
Gasundheit mayno
(Said when someone coughs) pasalu
Hello hasa
Goodbye nisi

Pronouns Back to the Top
I ma
You ya
S/he/it eni
We ima
You all iya
They yeni

WH-Words Back to the Top
What e
How say

Prepositions Back to the Top
At si
With wa
Of yu

Demonstratives/Deictics Back to the Top
Here kiwi
There heye
This ki
That he

Humans Back to the Top
Mother may
Father pay
Parent awna
Sister tali
Brother tewi
Sibling eli
Son hulu
Daughter yani
Child kesi
Man teka
Woman maya
Person/human being sa
Boy mani
Girl liya
Baby ini
Spouse haleya
Family sawana
Friend sali

Animals Back to the Top
Animal ko
Bird yo
Cat kanili
Dog palani
Fish nawa
Horse we
Insect hu
Lizard haysa
Tail puli
Snake yaysi
Sheep usi
Pig tayko
Monkey wawku
Goat sanapo
Mouse neko
Cow mu
Elephant niko
Rabbit, bunny puka

Color Back to the Top
White ayla
Black aw
Red sami
Yellow laysa
Blue kawi
Green tasi
Orange naliya
Purple omayu
Pink semine
Gray esa
Brown owi
Silver sayna
Gold linesa
Color yawla

Numbers Back to the Top
Zero kaw
One a
Two mi
Three la
Four pa
Five se
Six me
Seven no
Eight ka
Nine taw
Ten hay
Number manu

Vegetation Back to the Top
Plant law
Flower pelini
Forest waysala
Grass salasi
Tree pawe
Bush, shrub nuwe
Seed lawko
Leaf sako
Fruit poma
Vegetable lali
Stick kisiwa
Moss unali

Substances Back to the Top
Stuff ku
Air osa
Fire asi
Earth, soil, dirt upale
Water way
Wood komu
Metal meka
Poison nayki
Snow sawli
Ice isami
Liquid so
Solid ape
Gas ha
Wind iso
Rain lisa
Fog kolu
Sand ta
Salt tisi
Thunder po
Lightning ayna
Cloth na
Blood emola
Sugar mali
Smoke yosa
Powder uka
Oil tawle
Rock, stone nima

Body Parts Back to the Top
Arm ekale
Back taka
Body omiku
Bone wesu
Chest husuli
Ear lewisu
Elbow hapa
Eye masa
Face seka
Finger loni
Hair soma
Hand hoko
Head topo
Heart iwa
Knee uyeka
Leg mepa
Lip umu
Mouth paw
Muscle kusa
Nail awko
Neck aka
Nose nay
Skin wakawi
Stomach pawla
Toe unu
Tongue nala
Tooth tu

Directionals Back to the Top
North pama
South tesa
East kiya
West huwa
Up aya
Down ulu
Left elesu
Right anaku

Food Back to the Top
Bread hona
Butter uya
Candy yeli
Cheese kawna
Chocolate uweyo
Dessert inasa
Egg womo
Food tay
Milk hasila
Nut noko
Potato opa
Rice koku
Spice, herb elayu
Tea ti
Tofu haw

Amount Back to the Top
Much, many wo
Few ye
All te

Emotion Back to the Top
Happy leya
Sad hawna
Angry kusu
Giggly, elated paysi
Crazy, insane kusasi
Distracted eyelo
Afraid musu
Embarrassed yuma
In love kaymana
Disappointed mulilu
Bored wasa
Serious oso
Frustrated, agitated, irritated yoko
Confused ewiyu
Relaxed yala
Lazy ipe
Aroused oloyo
Laughter nola
Good seya
Bad usu
Want, desire, need holi
Enjoyment kele
Hate yesu
Nervous, anxious upusa
Excited naymasa

Natural Back to the Top
Mountain paka
Ocean ipono
Lake oki
River sena
Cloud wimi
Plain, valley pe
Cliff eko
Island pekeli
Sky imeya
Sun siya
Star hayseli
Moon kama
Desert upayno

Condition Back to the Top
Healthy, well sana
Sick saw
Hurt onu
Cold sisi
Hot sokasa
Dead mo
Alive omeno
Itchy yay
Intoxicated maw
Asleep eyu
Awake wi
Warm ukesi
Hunger milo
Thirst naw
Able pele
To cough wika
To sneeze yusa

Time and Tide Back to the Top
Day sayana
Night mulaya
To start naya
To stop numa
Soon nawla
Now kay
Time lu
Minute ne
Hour tilo
Week nesu
Month ayma
Year lay
Then i

Motion Back to the Top
To come hele
To dance tala
To fall silu
To fly wela
To go, to move ala
To jump hala
To lie down iko
To play awana
To sit ponu
To stand yasa
To stretch kiyawsa
To swim nipa
To twist oyuno
To yawn mawna

Descriptive Back to the Top
Beautiful kayli
Big weya
Bitter weka
Bright hayli
Broken manako
Clean oli
Correct nuya
Dangerous tapu
Dark kalu
Deep uwa
Dirty tolasi
Dry sapa
Dull pu
Empty ulane
Far hinowo
Fast asa
Fat kuwosa
Full osuna
Hard moke
Heavy umesu
Little noni
Long solano
Loose ewana
Loud wopane
Narrow opemi
Near loye
New yuli
Old oweno
Other anu
Quiet isala
Rough tanaka
Round losi
Sharp isayka
Short toki
Slow lima
Smooth naysu
Soft hawla
Sour pino
Square tene
Stiff tiki
Straight luka
Strange lilono
Strong ono
Sweet wilusi
Tall kamasi
Thick polo
Thin isu
Tight ele
Weak towa
Wet alu
Wide epuso
Young peyule

Abstract Back to the Top
Ball naki
Bed ama
Book ilo
Cup, glass, jar tuka
Door, gate mola
House pale
Machine nu
Music konele
Place le
Plate, bowl pi
Reason, purpose su
Room ho
Sex (not gender) oye
Thing ke
Wave waw

Experience Back to the Top
To breathe hi
To feel, to touch tayla
To forget yaw
To hear weyu
To know kisa
To see ay
To smell eso
To smile misi
To think hima
To urinate supu

Action! Back to the Top
To close to
To cook isa
To cry muna
To cut oko
To eat maka
To fight heku
To give li
To help nela
To hold saya
To hug emi
To kill pawasu
To kiss miyu
To make, to create, to build lo
To meet tapa
To name ana
To open nase
To pull lusa
To push kesa
To read amala
To rub wama
To say, to talk ina
To sing ayala
To throw lasa
To tie (together) sula
To wash limiya
To win epa
To work pila
To write kawa

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