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You've reached my site, which is devoted to (some of) the languages I've created. These languages were created for the purposes of fun, so I hope you have fun rifling through them.

To the left you'll find the languages I've deemed fit enough for others to look at, as well as a links section and some other stuff. You may notice that a new language has been added: Sidaan. I entreat you to take a look at what I've got up so far. You can also take a look at the LCC2 Relay, which is currently in progress. I've also added a writing guide, because when it comes to writing, I'm rather opinionated. And what is the web, if not the storehouse of unsubstantiated opinion?

If you want to check out something that isn't on my website at all, you can check out an article I wrote for The Speculative Grammarian featuring Zhyler. Click here to give it a read.

For those who find the color schemes on this site hard to read, disturbing, or treasonous, every page on this site can now be viewed in black and white. If you'll direct your attention to the bottom of the page, you can now switch between the ordinary color scheme for every page, and the new black and white color scheme, for easy viewing. (Note: You must have cookies enabled.)

Now I'll quit my yammering. As always, e-mail is appreciated, but not required. I eat up e-mail like sweet, sweet chocolate: el sabor de mi vida. ¡Pruébalo!

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