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• Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

Glyph of the word 'tainu'.


  • (n.) mahimahi (or dolphinfish)

Hava ue i tainu uomoko!
“We’re eating mahimahi tonight!”

Notes: This is the famous Hawaiian fish, noted for its taste. You’ll find it everyone on the islands, and many places on the West Coast (though apparently you can catch it in the Atlantic). It’s a good-tasting fish, I’ll avow. The actual fish look funky, though (as reflected in the iku). They have a huge head and a dorsal fin that looks like a mohawk.


• Sunday, August 21st, 2011

Glyph of the word 'fu'.Glyph of the word 'hi'.


  • (n.) cranberry bush

Ipe i fu’i mataitai.
“That’s a pretty cranberry bush.”

Notes: Today is the last day of Renovation, and my 600th blog post. In honor of this momentous occasion, a truly random and uninspired word: fu’i.

See, for some reason I was under the misapprehension that cranberries were tropical. This was actually in contrast with what I’d understood before—that they thrived in colder weather. Somehow, I seemed to have learned that they were tropical, and so I put them on the Kamakawi Islands.

Then I learned they weren’t—that, in fact, I was right the first time.

Nevertheless, there they exist. The way I think of it, the fu’i is a bush that produces berries that either taste like or look like cranberries, and which are native to the Kamakawi Islands. That I call the bush a “cranberry” bush is just a shorthand.

That, at least, is the storing I’m going with.


• Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

Glyph of the word 'tava'.Glyph of the word 'tava'. or Glyph of the word 'tava'.


  • (n.) a bunch of bananas

Hava ei i tavatava a.
“I’m eating a bunch of bananas.”

Notes: Hooray for backposting again! :D

So “yesterday” was just the one banana, and today’s the bunch. It’s a full reduplication, and so you generally write it by doubling the glyphs, but since the iku itself looks like a bunch of bananas, you can just user the basic line determinative to mean “a bunch of bananas”. I don’t know if I can guess which is more common… Probably the latter with the determinative.

Hey, I’m caught up! Now time to do today’s word of the day. I wonder what it will be (and if it will somehow be related to bananas…).


• Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

Glyph of the word 'tava'.


  • (n.) banana

Hava ei i tava a.
“I’m eating a banana.”

Notes: Hooray for backposting! :D

I’m currently sitting at the ol’ LCS table here at WorldCon, and there’s not much to do, so I’m going back and filling in. I’m trying to find some simple words to do quickly, and so I was looking through my dictionary and noticed that I hadn’t yet done “banana”. How ’bout that! I mean, I’m a big fan of bananas! And I’ve got an ikuiku for it! I declare.

Anyway, there it is. Pretty standard ikuiku. Looks banana-y. Enjoy one yourself someday soon!


• Sunday, August 14th, 2011

Glyph of the word 'fe'.Glyph of the word 'li'.


  • (n.) kiwi fruit

Meyeli motu o lea takeke feli!
“His face is fuzzy like a kiwi!”

Notes: Despite their recent popularity, I don’t much like to bite into a kiwi by itself. I’ll admit it adds something to fruit juice and smoothies, but by itself…eh. I’m more liable to leave it than take it.


• Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

Glyph of the word 'kavu'.


  • (n.) garlic

Havava ei i kavu.
“I like garlic.”

Notes: And this is true. I have nothing more contentful to say, because it’s hot. It’s after midnight! How’s it got to be this hot in the middle of the night?! Man…


• Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

Glyph of the word 'hunu'.


  • (n.) rice

A hava ei i toi hunu a tou…
“I could eat some rice right now…”

Notes: I could. Sounds really good right about now. There’s a Thai place near my house that does this sweet/sticky rice with mango. That also sounds good right about now.

Lately I’ve taken to having my meals accompanied by an episode or two of One Piece. Right now, Luffy et al. are about to throw down with Crocodile. A truly fantastic series; I’ve quite enjoyed it.

Next in my random string of thoughts: The Blue Nile is incredible. They’ve only put out four albums in the last thirty years, but those cast know what they’re doing. My recommended introduction: “The Downtown Lights”.

The iku for hunu is a more-or-less standard ikunoala (cf. hu and nu). I chose this word for today because the iku struck me as quite staccato, if that makes sense for an image. It seems like it’s got four different ideas all separated into different quadrants. It’s also kind of reminiscent of that greatest hits album Van Halen did a few years back.

That’s today’s story. Tomorrow is another Thursday.


• Thursday, June 30th, 2011

Glyph of the word 'mena'.


  • (n.) scallop

Ka hava ei iu mena kipe.
“I had scallops yesterday.”

Notes: Among other things. Since I’d just been talking about it, I had some cioppino yesterday for dinner. It was exquisite, but I simply can’t eat the way I used to be able to… :( I brought home a lot of it as leftovers. It was quite good, though! Scallops are easily one of my favorites.

The iku is a rendering of the famous scallop shell (perhaps the most visually salient of seashells). The reason it has no top is because this iku, in fact, is a modification of another iku, which…I haven’t done yet. :lol:

You’d think after more than a year I would have finally done an entry on every glyph in the Kamakawi writing system. Looking at the numbers, though, I think I’m about…halfway done? I think there are about 600 distinct glyphs. I’m getting there!


• Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

Glyph of the word 'o'opo'.


  • (n.) coconut

Kawa ia i ipe o’opo e neviki i’i!
“Split that coconut and share it with me!”

Notes: Kind of on a food kick right now, and one of my favorites is coconut. Crucially, though, I only like fresh coconut; absolutely cannot stand dried coconut. Anyone else like this? Or anyone feel the opposite way? I tell you, to me it seems sometimes like the two don’t come from the same fruit…

The iku for o’opo is an old one, which is why the box is used rather than the circle used in later iku. Any guesses why the triangle is there, though? (See the various number entries for a hint [if that didn’t give it away already].)


• Monday, June 27th, 2011

Glyph of the word 'kapo'.


  • (n.) mussel

Ka hava ei i kapo.
“I’ve eaten molluscs.”

Notes: They’re in one of my favorite Italian dishes: cioppino. It’s a kind of seafood soup that’s just out of this world (if done right, of course; one could have a poor bowl of cioppino).

Huh. How about that. I just linked to the Wikipedia article on cioppino, and so started to read it. Turns out it’s not Italian at all: It came from San Francisco! And not only that, it’s typically served in a wine sauce! I didn’t know that, either. I’m terribly allergic to wine (not the alcohol: something in the wine), and break out if eat anything in a wine sauce.

So…yeah. Dang. That’s not cool. Now I’ll have that to worry about when I go out to eat… :(