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• Saturday, February 18th, 2012

Glyph of the word 'noka'.


  • (v.) to sigh
  • (n.) despair
  • (adj.) despairing

A kupi lea pe e noka kupae!
“He just sits there sighing!”

Notes: Today’s word is a simple ikunoala composed of no and ka. Of course, the ka could be doing double duty as the “bad” line determinative. I’ll neither confirm nor deny.


• Saturday, January 28th, 2012

Glyph of the word 'upo'.


  • (v.) to feel queasy
  • (adj.) queasy
  • (n.) queasiness

Ae upo i’i…
“The queasiness is inside me…”

Notes: That’s a bit of a different way of saying what, essentially, the verb by itself expresses.

Today’s iku is a simple ikunoala (u inside of po), but it rather neatly expresses how I feel when I feel nauseous. Basically, I feel like I have a great big W in my stomach. I don’t know if I can describe the feeling any better than that.


• Friday, December 30th, 2011

Glyph of the word 'otoko'.


  • (v.) to be serious
  • (adj.) serious
  • (n.) seriousness

Otoko ia?
“Are you serious?”


Before I go any further, let me assure you that Keli had a wonderful Christmas. She got a new tunnel which she seems to like, and we gave her all meat baby food twice—plus, she got a ton of new boxes to play with! And she had quite a good time jumping around in the tissue paper. So don’t feel too sorry for her when you see this:

Keli with a sleep mask on.

Now that’s a look that could kill! I can’t believe how patient she is with us. She’ll let us put pretty much anything on her, and will actually pose for pictures.

But it doesn’t means she has to like it. ;)

And, of course, just to be fair, I also took a picture of me with the penguin mask on. So we’re even, she and I.


• Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

Glyph of the word 'taketepi'.


  • (v.) to be busy
  • (adj.) busy
  • (n.) busy-ness

Taketepi, taketepi, taketepi…
“Busy, busy, busy…”

Notes: Let’s see how many references to Cat’s Cradle I can pack into this blog!

Today’s word is coming a day late because I’ve been busy like an ant—or, at least, busy like a Kamakawi ant. The word meaning something like “busy” (but perhaps a bit more jocular than the English equivalent) derives from the word tepi, which means “ant”. Observationally, it should be clear where this came from. I mean, you ever seen an ant rest? Ever seen an ant just chillin’, feeling the breeze? Nah, man. Ants be busy! All the time running around in crazy directions like they got some place to be.

And another thing: Why the heck can’t ants walk in a straight line?! What’s their problem? The shortest distance between two points if you’re an ant is some crazy, squiggly, wet-noodle spaghetti-type line, apparently. They’re all nuts!


• Friday, November 18th, 2011

Glyph of the word 'nekamelaye'.


  • (v.) to explore, to search through
  • (adj.) explored
  • (n.) exploration

Pale lapa i nekamelaye!
“A new house to explore!”


The next couple of Caturdays will feature photos of Keli on her new adventure hut:

Keli in her new little house.

Isn’t it fantastic?! Keli loves it! And she has Sylvia Sotomayor to thank! She recently moved, and realized she didn’t want to take her cats’ house, so she gave it to me. I installed it last Saturday, and after a few moments initial hesitation, Keli took right to it, and it’s become her new spot. She climbs all over it and has had a good time playing with the little toy at the top (video forthcoming).

Today’s word is a pretty cool word, I thought, but you need to see the word it’s derived from to make sense of it, and that’ll have to way. Enjoy this fabulous Caturday! ~:D


• Friday, September 30th, 2011

Glyph of the word 'no'a'.


  • (n.) animal rage (specifically, for an animal to be enraged)
  • (v.) for an animal to be enraged
  • (adj.) enraged (as applied to animals)
  • (v.) to be mad (extremely insulting when used with humans)

Male fukave ei i ia ti no’a o ei kau!
“I will destroy you with my animal rage!”


I may previously have mentioned Keli’s precious red string (both her enemy and her dearest friend), and may have even included a picture of it, but now I’ve got a video of Keli and her red string in action!

A video of Keli attacking her string.

And that’s not even her at her most vicious. She can go after that string with gusto!

I forget when I came up with today’s word, but it was specifically inspired by a dog whose hair is standing up on end. I remember my old dog Brandy was the most mild-mannered and lazy beagle the world had ever known. One day, though, I jumped over the fence to get into the house (forgot my key), and she was there snarling with the hair standing straight up on her back, and was so ferocious she didn’t even recognize me at first. Even when she did recognize me, it took her a full minute to calm back down and get back to normal. It’s quite a thing—and it’s visible—and that’s what gave me the idea for the word.


• Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

Glyph of the word 'takele'o'.


  • (v.) to be sneaky, to be crafty
  • (adj.) crafty, sneaky
  • (n.) thief

Mata ia i lea! E takele’o ima!
“Look at him! He’s so sneaky!”

Notes: Now you might be thinking, “What’s so sneaky about an egret?” Allow me to elucidate.

Oh, but first, another egret picture:

A fancy egret!

During our honeymoon in Jamaica, there were, as you might guess from the pictures, egrets everywhere. Lovely animals! At night we even saw a blue heron. But anyway, the egrets, they abounded—usually around the restaurants (like seagulls on the docks). On the morning we went out to breakfast it was no different. We both went through the buffet, made our plates, and when we got back to the table, Erin went to the bathroom and asked me to watch her plate.

And watch it I did.

I watched it as a bold little egret hopped up from the ground and hopped onto the back of Erin’s chair.

And I continued to watch it when this same egret—in a single gulp—swallowed up Erin’s scrambled eggs.

And I kept watching the plate when the bird then hopped away.

Erin was none too pleased, of course, but I thought it was adorable. And besides, it was a buffet! She could always get more… ;)


• Friday, September 2nd, 2011

Glyph of the word 'takehuoyu'.


  • (v.) to be hyperactive, to be jumpy
  • (adj.) hyperactive

Iko ie kaneko oi’i a iko ie keli take’uoyu o nea.
“This is my cat and this is her hyperactive tail.”


A while back, I mentioned that there was a good reason that I gave my cat the name “Keli” (the Kamakawi word for “tail”), but that it’s hard to see why unless you see it in action. Consider this a first step towards helping you to see it in action:

A video of Keli's lashy tail.

Heh, heh… Of course, it needs to thump against something hollow for you to get the full effect, but this is a good start! By the by, she loves that window sill, and loves to sit just inside the blinds.

Today’s word derives from the word for “cricket”, huoyu. Per regular sound change, the h becomes a glottal stop (it does this intervocalically). Anyway, based on the etymology, we might call my cat Cricket-Tailed Keli, Hunter of Crickets. Sounds like a WB series waiting to happen!


• Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

Glyph of the word 'oamo'.


  • (n.) surf, tide (general word for the character of the ocean)
  • (n.) mood

Mamata ia ie oamo i’i fei.
“Watch the tide for me.”

Notes: The general rise and fall, ebb and flow of the ocean. This is a top-level term for all of it, with many specific terms underneath it. Given that it vacillates, the word was borrowed over to describe a person’s mood.


• Friday, May 13th, 2011

Glyph of the word 'fuleke'.


  • (v.) to miss (in the metaphorical sense)

A fuleke ia ti’i he Keli.
“I miss you, Keli.”


I’m far, far away from poor Keli and Erin, but I’ve met a new friend: Christophe Grandsire-Koevoets’ dog Buddy:

Me and Buddy.

He’s a good pup. :)

I still miss Keli. :( I look forward to seeing her early Tuesday morning Pacific Time. She was fine when I left until she saw my green bag, and then she knew I was leaving. She went to hide under the bed. :( But it won’t be so bad, because Erin’s at home and they will keep each other company.

Looking forward to meeting everyone today! Then tomorrow, LCC4! :D