Glyph of the word 'mate'.


  • (v.) to pour (liquid)
  • (adj.) pouring
  • (n.) deluge (not as common as reduplicated form)

Mate ia i tolu lilelea fiviti i’i.
“Pour me a cold glass of water.”

Notes: This is kind of a strange sentence. Ordinarily it’d be prevented by an applicative, so it would read Matemu ia i’i ti tolu lilelea. That, though, would be a different word, so I stuck with this clunky one.

You may recognize this iku from the glyph for “soup”, novu. This one’s rather upside-down. This is another case of one iku following another, even though the word for “pour” is probably older than the word for “soup”. Languages and writing systems are different things, though. They’re rather like dancing partners.

Or maybe not. I’m watching Roberta right now; it’s likely influencing me.

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