Glyph of the word 'ale'.


  • (v.) to go
  • (v.) to travel
  • (v.) to go on a trip
  • (n.) travels, trip
  • (n.) traveler
  • (adj.) traveling
  • (prep.) along to, towards
  • (nm.) a boy’s given name

A male ale nanai oi’i ie Monokólia!
“A friend of mine is going to Mongolia!”

Notes: Specifically, Andrew Gerber, the fellow behind the Damátir Ando conlang website. And he’s not just going on a jaunt: He’s going with the Peace Corps! Sylvia and I are meeting up with him today, and we’re going to show him a good time while he’s still able to enjoy Southern California’s perfect weather (oh and by the way: It’s wonderful here. Just perfect).

Of course, I’m pretty jealous, I must admit. He gets to spend some time learning one of the coolest languages on the planet (you seen that vowel harmony system?! If not, give it a look: It’s outstanding!), and gets to help folks out while he does it—and gets a stipend! Of course, Mongolia is landlocked, which rules out my ever visiting there, but to have someone else visit there is a dream come true. Maybe I can convince him to pick me up a Mongolian grammar book while I’m there—something that teaches you how to write using that crazy vertical writing system they got there.

Anyway, kudos, Andrew! You’re real, man. Congratulations, and good luck!

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