Glyph of the word 'oku'.


  • (expr.) no
  • (part.) not (sentence-final negator)
  • (part.) used with negative sentences in the present tense in place of a subject status marker
  • (adj.) no
  • (aux.) shouldn’t
  • (aux.) wouldn’t

Oku hea i iko ti ho’o ika…
“You wouldn’t get this from any other guy…”

Notes: Funny story about this iku… I think I originally intended this word to be oko, in which case it would have been a perfect ikunoala. I think, though, I either forgot that that was the word, or I mixed up the glyphs for ko and ku (which, at this point, seems quite absurd to me, since the Iku for ku is so distinctive). As it stands, though, the iku looks like a face with a superimposed o over it, which is pretty good. It looks like a face in the middle of saying “no” (oku). I’ll take it!

Back to the song, without even trying, the first three lines rhymed. This line, though, so fits the meter, that I abandoned the rhyme. It still doesn’t sound bad…

For the content, I changed the lyric to, “You won’t hear this from another guy”.

Hey, actually, you know what? I could switch out ika for toi (“any”) and get the rhyme. For some reason I don’t think it sounds as good, though… I reserve the right to put it in there, though, if I change my mind.

Here’s something I found randomly on the internet that’s pretty good. Mouse over for the answer!

Multiple choice Rick Roll quiz.

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