Mamata Fei

Glyph of the word 'mamata fei'.


  • (v.) to watch

Hetakemi i ika! A mamata ei ie popo fei a!
“Don’t worry! I’m keeping an eye on the outside world!”

Notes: Happy Caturday! :D

Today’s cat word is more of a description. Keli likes to stare through the sliding glass door as if it’s a TV. Here’s a shot of her doing just that:

Keli watching the outside world.

Today’s word is special, because it’s the first two part verb in Kamakawi. Kamakawi has a number of verbs that have a verbal part and an adverbial part. The adverbial part comes after all of the nominal arguments, but before the sentential adverbs. To illustrate that, I used a sentential adverb in this sentence. The interlinear looks like this (for the second clause):

/n.s. watch(1) 1sg. obj.-def. outside watch(2) now/

Now that I’ve introduced one of these, you can expect more in the future. (Though I should probably define all the adverbs that take part in these constructions first, huh…?)

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2 Responses to “Mamata Fei”

  1. Ka kavaka Rejistania ti:

    That reminds me of words like anschauen in German. Where the ‘an’ can move behind the object: Ich schaue den Pinguin an. (I look the penguin at) :)

  2. Ka kavaka David J. Peterson ti:

    Incidentally, that was one of the things I loved about German when I was learning it in high school. It probably has something to do with English’s similarity, but it made immediate sense to me.

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