Glyph of the word 'ape'.


  • (num.) one
  • (adj.) first, singular
  • (pron.) such a one
  • (adj.) each
  • (n.) individuated unit of a group
  • (nm.) a boy or girl’s given name

A li ei i ape o temi e neo i ivoate.
“I use a bone as a stirring spoon.”

Notes: As I mentioned yesterday, today’s post will elaborate a bit on mass nouns. In addition to ape‘s duties as the number one and a whole bunch of other things, ape can be used to pick out a singular unit of a mass noun. Its English translation, then, will change depending on the unit. So an ape o temi is a (singular) bone, while an ape o hunu is a grain of rice, etc.

Hey, I think this takes care of the digits 1 through 9! Now I just need to do 0 and 10 (and then others like 20, 21 and 100) and I’ll be set!

For more information about the name Ape, you can check out its name entry here.

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