Glyph of the word 'e'.


  • (let.) name of the Zhyler alphabet letter e
  • (syl.) glyph for the syllable e in the Kamakawi syllabary

A eyu leveya i’i ae…
“The seas draws me in…”

Notes: Today’s syllabic glyph is e. E is a fun one that, for some reason, doesn’t get used very much (though its iku often shows up in modified glyphs). Here’s a picture of me saying the vowel e:

Me saying ahhh.

Now here’s that same picture with an overlay of the iku for the syllable e (drawn freehand so you can see where it came from):

Me saying ehhh with the iku for 'e' drawn over it.

You can even see that one’s mouth makes a kind of “V” shape. This is because the lower jaw is drawn lower than it is for a vowel like i to accommodate the space one needs for e. With unrounded vowels, though (especially the non-low ones), the upper lip doesn’t really do much of anything, so the lower lip has to do all the work.

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