Glyph of the word 'alule'.


  • (v.) to take a break or rest while traveling
  • (n.) break, rest, rest stop

A alule ei ikoa.
“I’m taking a break for the time being.”

Notes: I think this blog has had a pretty good run so far, so I don’t feel so bad for today’s announcement. As of today, this blog is going to go on hiatus. I’ve got some things to do, and I can’t keep this blog updated for the time being. If all goes well, I hope to have it back up and running before the month is out.

As a last tidbit, though, this word comprises an iku which kind of stands for the infix -lu-, and the iku for “to travel”, ale. Where it’s not possible to put the infix glyph where it would go linearly, it goes before the glyph into which it should be placed. In a way, the glyphs kind of serve as a modifier of the word, so even where they can be put in the correct place linearly, they’re still sometimes placed before the word.

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  1. Ka kavaka Karen Terry ti:

    I hope this blog does come back by the end of the month! I think your effort to make a pictographs for your conlang is amazing, and want to see more of them.

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