Now, I don't buy into tree-based syntax of any variety, but if you had to tree up Dothraki, this might be what some syntactician of some ideological persuasion would do (something close to GB-era syntax).

First, a phrase from the interview:

Anha ochomok yeraan kijinosi.
/1SG-NOM FUT.NEG-honor-1SG 2SG-ALL thus/
"I will not honor you thus."

A tree diagram of the Dothraki phrase 'Anha ochomok yeraan kijinosi'.

Some might wonder why the words which start out as SVO go through a VSO stage and then end up SVO again. This has to do with the historical word order of Dothraki, which still appears in relative clauses (and, plus, syntacticians just love making words jump through hoops). Here's an example of a sentence which uses the old VSO word order (note the position of yer in the relative clause):

Anha tih mahrazhes fines addriv yer.
/1SG-NOM see(PST) man-ACC COMP-ACC kill(PST) 2SG-NOM
"I saw the man that you killed."

A tree diagram of the Dothraki phrase 'Anha tih mahrazhes fines addriv yer'.