Coming Down the Mountain

by Dave

Back in ancient times, I maintained basically a homemade, hand-coded blog for giving style and grammar advice to students. Since then, I stopped teaching, and also (finally) gave up on coding my own PHP (which was probably a good idea, since I don’t know PHP). Instead, I’ve turned to WordPress, and in so doing have resuscitated not only my book reviews blog, but also this blog: Dave’s Writing Guide.

Since I no longer have students, the purpose of this blog will be both to champion the cause of precision in writing, and to fight against the tyranny of prescriptivism. It’s a fine line I walk, but walk it I shall.

If you decide to follow this blog, you’ll be treated to periodic updates (highly periodic, if that makes any sense [and I think it does]), fierce rhetoric, my own unique brand of punctuation (which I will defend to the death), frequent parenthetical comments, and a plethora of example sentences featuring ice cream. If that sounds good to you, read on! If it doesn’t, head over to YouTube and type “funny cats” into the search window. Either way, you will not be disappointed.

Thanks for stopping by.