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• Saturday, January 30th, 2010

Glyph of the word 'alama'.


  • (n.) sand crab
  • (nm.) a boy’s given name

A tomi ei ie alama oi’i ti Akavo!
“I call my sand crab Akavo!”

Notes: The iku for alama is kind of interesting. It’s built out of two glyphs: the iku for maka which means “crab”, and the syllabic iku for ta, which is also the word for “sand”. The combination, then, is not phonological, but kind of ideological. Looks good, though!


• Saturday, January 9th, 2010

Glyph of the word 'kilika'.


  • (n.) lobster

Au tiki kilika, he feya.
“Lobsters are red, my love.”

Notes: Sing it with me! “Urchins are blue—oooh-oooooh, taro is sweet, my love, but not as sweet as you!” I’m pretty sure that’s how it goes…

I’ve always thought this iku looked like a lobster. Looking at it today, though, I gather that some might not think so… Oh well. Close enough.