Glyph of the word 'puliu'.


  • (v.) to salivate
  • (adj.) salivating
  • (n.) saliva, spit, spittle

A puliu palaki oi’ia i’i a!
“You’re dog’s slobbering on me!”

Notes: Today’s iku looks like a few others (e.g. huna), but somehow it means “salivate”. I think it’s the little line under the mouth… It kind of looks like that. Doesn’t it?

I remember creating a whole bunch of these “veiled face” iku (where “a whole bunch” could very well mean three). To me, they almost look too realistic for the system (which is odd, since they’re composed of straight lines and nothing more), but I’ve stuck with them. Might as well celebrate them, I guess.

Update: Oh! I just realized that the three lines above the mouth are there because they come from the iku for lelea, which means “water”. Ha! Kind of gross. ;)

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2 Responses to “Puliu”

  1. Ka kavaka Anthony ti:

    oh. I thought it was the saliva (either in grooves of tablecloth/bedcloth/table, or just bars of light and shadow on a little pool of drool)

    it’s clever, having an icon like that for salivating.

  2. Ka kavaka David J. Peterson ti:

    Oh, you know what I just realized? The three lines at the top are supposed to be the three lines of lelea. Oops! Better edit this entry…

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