Glyph of the word 'meuto'.


  • (adj.) difficult
  • (v.) to be difficult
  • (n.) difficulty

A meuto mawa i’i oku.
“Swimming isn’t difficult for me.”

Notes: This iku is a bit of a mystery. It’s clearly built off of me, so there’s a phonological component, but the little knot at the end mystifies me. I think the little knot is supposed to be the complication (and since there’s a complication, the iku is “difficult”). As for the little lines, I believe they’re there to fill out the rest of the space (otherwise there’d be blank space on either side of the line down). I guess then it’s best to call this an iku’ume. Works for me. :)

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  1. Ka kavaka Esploranto ti:

    I like the idea of the knot being in the symbol, let’s not forget that that’s one implication of the word complication, hehe. Phonetically it kind of reminds me too much of Portuguese ‘muito’, and so sounds a little Portuguese-like :p

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