Glyph of the word 'to'o'.


  • (n.) swarm (of insects)
  • (v.) to swarm (said of insects)

Awei! I to’o o tata!
“Ack! It’s a swarm of flies!”

Notes: Bleh. A swarm of insects has to be the worst thing in the world—especially small flying ones when you’re biking. Bleh! :evil:

So, in reality, this post is coming after three of the weekend’s playoff games have already finished. Even so, though, I think it’s about time to do my NFL playoff predictions. Here they are:

Wild Card Round

  • (5) Atlanta Falcons def. (4) New York Giants 31-24
  • (3) New Orleans Saints def. (6) Detroit Lions 45-38

Divisional Round

  • (1) Green Bay Packers def. (5) Atlanta Falcons 42-17
  • (2) San Francisco 49ers def. (3) New Orleans Saints 23-21

NFC Championship

  • (1) Green Bay Packers def. (2) San Francisco 49ers 34-20

Wild Card Round

  • (5) Pittsburgh Steelers def. (4) Denver Broncos 53-9
  • (6) Cincinnati Bengals def. (3) Houston Texans 27-19

Divisional Round

  • (1) New England Patriots def. (6) Cincinnati Bengals 37-27
  • (2) Baltimore Ravens def. (5) Pittsburgh Steelers 31-27

AFC Championship

  • (2) Baltimore Ravens def. (1) New England Patriots 17-14 (OT)

Super Bowl XLV

  • (1) Green Bay Packers def. (2) Baltimore Ravens 45-26

You know who the Ravens and Steelers remind me of? The Titans and Jaguars from 1999. The Jaguars lost three games all year: all to the Titans. The Steelers lost a couple others, but I call them dropping three to the Ravens this year, and that’ll catapult the Ravens to the Super Bowl. Now, on paper, it’s hard to pick anyone but the Packers over the Patriots, but I hate those cheaters!

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