Glyph of the word 'oto'.


  • (v.) to growl
  • (n.) growl
  • (n.) growling

Ka mata kaneko i’i ke oto.
“The cat saw me and growled.”

Notes: I forget if I talked about this before, but even though Kamakawi has some coordinating conjunctions (“and”, “but”), for the most part, they’re not used (they usually end up getting used for emphasis). The reason is that the subject status markers pretty much handle all coordination. Since ke above indicates that the subject of the following clause is the same as the previous—and also indicates that a new clause is coming—there’s no need for “and”. And there’s also no ambiguity (e.g. “The man saw him and he ran”).

Today’s word, suggested by yesterday’s, has an iku that’s pretty easy to figure out. It’s an ikunoala and a straight-up combination of o and to.

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