Glyph of the word 'levu'.


  • (n.) rag, washcloth, chamois, etc.

Hou! Ipe ie levu li’i!
“Hey! That’s my washcloth!”

Notes: Meeeeeeerry Catmas! :D

Today’s quote comes from The Simpsons. At the end of one of their Christmas episodes, everything is stolen from their house except a washcloth. They proceed to fight over the washcloth and run around the house trying to get it. You can see a clip of the ending here.

The word levu is just one of those words like “rag” that gets used wherever applicable. It’s one of those filler words you never think about that every language has. It’s never appropriate; it’s not particularly interesting: it just is. And this is the word I greet you with on this happy holiday. Hooray! :D


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