Glyph of the word 'oa'.Glyph of the word 'oa'.


  • (v.) to be shy
  • (adj.) shy
  • (n.) shy person

Kanekoi oi’i i oaoa kiko!
“My kitty’s being shy today!”


Ordinarily, Keli is quite the poser, but today she didn’t feel like being photographed. In fact, she went and hid behind her stool:

Keli behind her stool.

It’s very hard to scoop her up while holding the iPhone at the same time (especially since it’s case is open, in order to take pictures. It’s gone sliding out before, and we have tile, not carpet!).

Today’s word reduplicates the iku for oa, which itself isn’t a word (or is no longer a word). Aside from this word, oa appears in other words as a phonemic glyph.

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