Glyph of the word 'nekamelaye'.


  • (v.) to explore, to search through
  • (adj.) explored
  • (n.) exploration

Pale lapa i nekamelaye!
“A new house to explore!”


The next couple of Caturdays will feature photos of Keli on her new adventure hut:

Keli in her new little house.

Isn’t it fantastic?! Keli loves it! And she has Sylvia Sotomayor to thank! She recently moved, and realized she didn’t want to take her cats’ house, so she gave it to me. I installed it last Saturday, and after a few moments initial hesitation, Keli took right to it, and it’s become her new spot. She climbs all over it and has had a good time playing with the little toy at the top (video forthcoming).

Today’s word is a pretty cool word, I thought, but you need to see the word it’s derived from to make sense of it, and that’ll have to way. Enjoy this fabulous Caturday! ~:D

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2 Responses to “Nekamelaye”

  1. Ka kavaka Anthony Docimo ti:

    Today’s word, written, looks like it would be a good movie title.

  2. Ka kavaka David J. Peterson ti:

    Actually, I was kind of thinking they looked pretty good, too… I know they’re just syllabic glyphs, but they go together well.

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