Glyph of the word 'fau'.


  • (n.) petrified tree

Ipe i fau.
“That’s a petrified tree.”

Notes: Okay, I know there must be some reason this word exists. I remember I really liked the idea for the iku, but it couldn’t have just been that. I must’ve come across it in a dictionary somewhere… Either that or I was reading up on petrified trees—something. I know I wouldn’t have made a basic term for “petrified tree”—and an ikuiku to boot—without some very clear, very real excuse.

That’s my excuse. For the time being. ;)

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One Response to “Fau”

  1. Ka kavaka Anthony Docimo ti:

    Hawaii has fossil birds & fish, so I’d be willing to bet that it also has petrified wood.

    very neat iku.

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