Glyph of the word 'oliala'.


  • (n.) poet, singer
  • (n.) poetry
  • (v.) to be poetic
  • (adj.) poetic

He noala oliala ie noala o u Nova…
“Sing ye poets the song of the Rays…”

Notes: I may be a day late, but, gosh darnit, it’s the MLB playoffs, and it’s time to make some predictions! I know that most people that come here aren’t baseball fans, but there’s at least one who writes poetry about baseball, so my predictions are going up!

(By the way, Doug Ball can verify that these predictions predated the start of the playoffs. I e-mailed them to Doug on September 29th, and the predictions below are copied directly from that e-mail.)

American League


  • Detroit Tigers def. New York Yankees 3-1.
  • Tampa Bay Rays def. Texas Rangers 3-2.


  • Tampa Bay Rays def. Detroit Tigers 4-2.

National League


  • Philadelphia Phillies def. St. Louis Cardinals 3-1.
  • Milwaukee Brewers def. Arizona Diamondbacks 3-2.


  • Philadelphia Phillies def. Milwaukee Brewers 4-1.

And for the World Series:

  • Tampa Bay Rays def. Philadelphia Phillies 4-1.

Last year’s predictions did not, in fact, go very well at all, but I’ve got a good feeling this year. Granted, the rain delay has thrown the entire Yankees-Tigers series into utter chaos, so anything can happen there, but outside of what would be a wonderfully bizarre matchup of twin expansion teams (Rays-D’Backs), it seems to me like the Phillies are destined to come out of the NL, and that either the Rays or Tigers are coming out of the AL. We’ll see how well I do this time around…

Today’s word derives form oala, but has a special relationship with noala, as you may have guessed. Kamakawi seems like a great language for poetry, and poetry, as it was, was expressed in song. That’s why the word for “poet” is the same as the word for “singer”—and, in fact, oliala and noliala (which we haven’t seen yet) are as synonymous as synonyms get, with only a slight shadow of meaning to distinguish the two.

If you’re not a fan of baseball, try to catch a Rays game on TV. There’s something about that team this year. The magic may wear off, though, so catch them quick, in case they burn out.

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2 Responses to “Oliala”

  1. Ka kavaka Ember Nickel ti:

    Thank you for the plug! :D Here is some of my conlang:

    Pefdofod pegēdikab nōyag=The Red Socks [sic] lost.

  2. Ka kavaka David J. Peterson ti:

    And nothing makes me happier than to see the Red Sox lose. Well, except maybe to see the Yankees lose. And the Phillies. And the White Sox. And, of course, the Giants. And every team from Texas.

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