Glyph of the word 'na'u'.


  • (v.) to be far from
  • (adj.) far
  • (prep.) far from

Na’u uei iu ileleya.
“We are far from home.”

Notes: I just installed the latest OS for the iPhone. Look at all this crazy stuff! Clouds, automatic syncing, free text messaging… We’re getting closer and closer to Star Trek: The Next Generation. And me, I like it! Makes my life easier.

Today’s post is special. With na’u, I now have three hundred and sixty-five foma: One for each day of the year. I’m nowhere near to being done with the foma of Kamakawi (figure I’ve got about two hundred to go), but if I wanted to, I could produce a Kamakawi Word of the Day daily desk calendar with nothing but foma (and, now that I think about it, I probably could’ve done so long ago if it was one of those calendars that rolls Saturday and Sunday into a single day…). Pretty cool.

Regarding today’s iku, it’s actually built off of hu: the little na is built off the horizontal line (the brow) that sits in the middle of the hu head. It might’ve been pronounced huna, but that glyph has an ikuleyaka for its iku, so this one was free for na’u.

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