Glyph of the word 'fie'.


  • (n.) albacore tuna (or just tuna)

A kaneko i oi’i poe havava i fie.
“I have a cat who likes tuna.”

Notes: I do! And yet, she only likes fish, it would seem, in the form of treats. Give her actual fish—in a bowl—and she’ll give it a sniff and then turn her nose away. What a cat she is…

This is actually one of my favorite glyphs, and i completely forgot about it. All it is is fi rotated 180°, but in rotating it, it reveals a “V” shape that’s reminiscent of e, turning it into a kind of ikunoala. I thought it was pretty clever. As for the fish, I like it; it’s pretty good. Not my favorite, but I dig it.

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