Glyph of the word 'takehuoyu'.


  • (v.) to be hyperactive, to be jumpy
  • (adj.) hyperactive

Iko ie kaneko oi’i a iko ie keli take’uoyu o nea.
“This is my cat and this is her hyperactive tail.”


A while back, I mentioned that there was a good reason that I gave my cat the name “Keli” (the Kamakawi word for “tail”), but that it’s hard to see why unless you see it in action. Consider this a first step towards helping you to see it in action:

A video of Keli's lashy tail.

Heh, heh… Of course, it needs to thump against something hollow for you to get the full effect, but this is a good start! By the by, she loves that window sill, and loves to sit just inside the blinds.

Today’s word derives from the word for “cricket”, huoyu. Per regular sound change, the h becomes a glottal stop (it does this intervocalically). Anyway, based on the etymology, we might call my cat Cricket-Tailed Keli, Hunter of Crickets. Sounds like a WB series waiting to happen!

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