Glyph of the word 'le'o'.


  • (n.) egret

Eli ei ie le’o hu’u!
“I love the mighty egret!”

Notes: Man, oh, man! I can’t believe I haven’t done the word for egret yet! Not only is the iku one of my favorite iku of all time, but I have a bunch of cool egret pictures and egret stories (seriously I do)! I remember telling them; can’t believe I haven’t yet. Anyway, to get us started, here’s egret picture #1:


Look at that jaunty little bird! What a sport! This was one of the many egrets my wife and I made friends with in Jamaica. In the days to follow, I shall have more egret pictures and stories (and related words).

Anyway, since I said I would, here’s my (current) fantasy roster (starters first then bench):

  • QB: Tony Romo (Dallas)
  • RB: Jahvid Best (Detroit)
  • RB: Ryan Grant (Green Bay)
  • WR: Calvin Johnson (Detroit)
  • WR: Roddy White (Atlanta)
  • WR: DeSean Jackson (Philadelphia)
  • TE: Kellen Winslow (Tampa Bay)
  • K: David Akers (San Francisco)
  • DST: San Diego Chargesr
  • QB: Matthew Stafford (Detroit)
  • RB: James Starks (Green Bay)
  • RB: Daniel Thomas (Miami)
  • WR: Davone Bess (Miami)
  • WR: Greg Little (Cleveland)

For those who follow football, you can see I’m soft at running back—and I’ve also got too many Detroit players. I’d love to move Ryan Grant (since I don’t believe in him at all) and Tony Romo (since I hate him), but I’m thinking of moving Calvin Johnson for a decent starting wideout and a major upgrade at running back (just so I don’t have so many players on Detroit). I’m quite happy I got former Cal standouts DeSean Jackson and Jahvid Best, though (and I seriously considered picking up Marshawne Lynch). Anyway, as far as I’m concerned, this is a starting point, not the end point. We’ll see what deals I can make to improve my lot.

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