Glyph of the word 'uomoko'.


  • (n.) night, nighttime
  • (v.) for night to fall
  • (adj.) nighttime, night
  • (adv.) tonight

A fuila ei i Leno uomoko!
“I fly to Reno tonight!”

Notes: Which means I’ll be leaving Keli for five days. :cry: Far more than anything else, I’ll miss my kitty. She’ll be in good hands, though.

As will I, I think. I’m heading up to Renovation, a.k.a the World Science Fiction Convention. It’s the largest such convention, I hear, and I’ll be participating in several panels (schedule here). I hear they’re having some “kick the can” ice cream. Anything that ends in “ice cream” is something I’m excited about (unless the preceding words are “total lack of”, or something similar).

If I were a good little duck, I’d have a whole series of Kamakawi Word of the Day posts scheduled for while I’m gone. But…I don’t. We’ll see how well I do up there… I will have a lot of time to spend alone sitting at a table with WiFi, though (I think?), so it should be good. (WiFi better be stellar, in fact; none of that Palm Springs nonsense.)

Either way, you can always catch me tweeting away on Twitter. Probably Dothraki stuff mostly, but I’ll see if I can drop a K-bomb here and there. ;)

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