Glyph of the word 'fayele'.


Fayele! Fayele! Fayeeeeeeeele!
“July! July! Julaaayeeeeay!”


Now, I’m not saying there are going to be videos every week, but I just happened to take a good one yesterday.

Allow me to preface this video. See, every so often, Keli gets a wildness in her. And when this happens, she feels…compelled to tear around and attack things which aren’t there. And last night, she had quite a wildness in her. I didn’t get the best of it on video, but I got part of it:

The best part by far was when she was racing around that chair in circles, darting in and out and meowing up a storm as if there was some sort of entity in there, and she had to attack it!

Today’s word comes, of course, from Zhyler, as is the case with all the other month words. The word in Zhyler is Vayer (in the orthography, vayeR). It’s related to the word for “three”, which is vay (vay), because Vayer is the third month on the Zhüxÿy calendar.

July is probably one of my favorite months. It’s nice and hot. Can’t get enough of these. :)

(Oh, duh. The quote comes from the Decemberists’ song “July, July!”. An oldie, but a goodie!)

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