Glyph of the word 'tieyu'í'.


A koiu tieyu’í…
“June is here…”

Notes: And you know what that means.

That’s right: It’s the premiere of the second half of the second season of Men of a Certain Age! Yes, the little show that won’t quit is at it again, and my friends and I are going to have a party of a certain age (involving some Tri Tip Stimulus of a certain age) to celebrate (pictures of a certain age forthcoming).

Today’s word of a certain age comes to us from Zhyler, à la the other borrowed month names in Kamakawi. The original word is Šeyuğü (in the orthography, ,eyu©X). Crossing my fingers for little to no June Gloom this year. Let the sun shine!

…of a certain age.

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