Glyph of the word 'kapo'.


  • (n.) mussel

Ka hava ei i kapo.
“I’ve eaten molluscs.”

Notes: They’re in one of my favorite Italian dishes: cioppino. It’s a kind of seafood soup that’s just out of this world (if done right, of course; one could have a poor bowl of cioppino).

Huh. How about that. I just linked to the Wikipedia article on cioppino, and so started to read it. Turns out it’s not Italian at all: It came from San Francisco! And not only that, it’s typically served in a wine sauce! I didn’t know that, either. I’m terribly allergic to wine (not the alcohol: something in the wine), and break out if eat anything in a wine sauce.

So…yeah. Dang. That’s not cool. Now I’ll have that to worry about when I go out to eat… :(

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