Glyph of the word 'ulakalaka'.


  • (adj.) patterned
  • (v.) to be patterned
  • (n.) patterning
  • (n.) pattern

Leya ulaka le olomo.
“Patterned stones for walking.”

Notes: My English vocabulary is leaving me! I know what I mean by “patterning”, but I’m quite certain there’s got to be a better word for it. Patternwork? Dang, that’s not a word. Detail? Eh. I got nothing.

Anyway, this sentence comes from a picture I took at the Huntington. Here it is:

A nice patterned floor.

I thought this was pretty cool. Not only is it, essentially, a cobblestone floor, but the stones are used to create patterns that look like tile! How cool is that?! Check it out: All the lines in there and everything are just stones. Wild!

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